Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.

Experiencing entrepreneurship is risk-taking and time-consuming. You have to ask yourself, can you become an entrepreneur? Based on your work-ethics, mental, and communication skills, reflection might knock you back into reality.

Pressure & the Clout

At 20 to 24, you’re wide-eyed with everything under control, so you thought. You have big goals and tight deadlines, with no time to waste. Chill! — yes, set goals and have a sense of discipline, but don’t stress yourself. Half the time, the stress stems from your ego gazing at social media’s”perfection” and clout chasers. You begin to lose common sense and structure. Look at social media objectively, stop being a consumer.

You understand perfect posts are sell tactics. Look at everything objectively while enduring your entrepreneur journey. Don’t allow social media and ego drive you off course with unhealthy pressure.

Most business owners lose track of share value with their audience. Boasting about your business and the “I” complex does not bring your audience value.


Yes, you can experience financial losses, but your mental is priceless. When starting a business, most don’t realize the mental gymnastics you can experience. Obsession with money takes its toll, with your mental health at stake. An unhealthy mind is the foundation of burnout, depression, resentment, stress, and jealousy. Starting a business can be exhausting, but it’s vital to make sure health is a priority. A clear mind will lead to clear intentions, and a negative perception will affect your business decisions.


With every hat is an investment, it’s best to be clear and concise. What can you offer the people consistently? It’s not all about you; it’s about what you can offer. Don’t worry about capital; it will come if you’re clear and consistent. Why should anyone trust your products or services? A critical question to asks during rebranding. It’s cute having multiple roles, but how can you prevent burnout and over-investing? Remember, each talent requires money and time, both you need to save. It’s best to separate passion from joyful hobbies.

Realizing the Up Keep

Plenty of young entrepreneurs are obsessed with getting the business start it. They’re excited to post it on IG, seeking approval from their peers. Meanwhile, disregarding the longevity of their business and indulging in everything with hopes, something will stick. That’s fine to have the desire to do everything; it’s called growth. However, that’s not longevity it’s a phase; your business is not a phase. Critically think about future business strategies by creating a short business plan, not boasting on social media.


Both career paths have similarities; one is not better than the other. Your level of risk tolerance and values make it different. Both individuals strive to get paid and maneuver through capitalist standards. Both struggle to prioritize capitalist norms and personal passion. Bill collectors are careless about your multiple talents and Instagram followers; they want their money. You don’t need to become an entrepreneur; you don’t need to have a 9 to 5. You need to follow your PATH.

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